Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) is a form of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), specifically designed to help patients manage overwhelmingly strong emotions.

As a highly trained DBT therapist, Sasha provides this structured therapy interwoven with psychotherapy. Chris can work in a DBT informed manner but is not specifically trained in DBT.

DBT was initially conceived to effectively treat Borderline Personality Disorder, or those who feel intense and uncontrollable emotions, have troubled relationships and have a disturbed sense of self.

DBT has since been adapted to treat a wide array of mental health issues like depression and anxiety, to consist of distress tolerance, emotional regulation and interpersonal effectiveness.

By working to replace harmful behaviours with constructive ones to help you manage times of crisis, develop impulse control and techniques to progress through personal relationships, we will work with you to engage techniques to dampen the effects of these feelings.

Our DBT therapy service is broken up into the following steps:

  • accepting circumstances and making changes
  • analysing behaviours and learning healthier patterns of responding
  • changing unhelpful, maladaptive, or negative thoughts
  • developing collaboration skills
  • learning new skills
  • receiving support

With a focus on being present in the moment by incorporating mindfulness methods, we will aim to lessen the severity of these feelings through individual talk therapy sessions and personal skills training sessions.