Take control of your past… and your future.

When you have experienced trauma there is no easy or simple cure or ‘fix’. It takes time and effort. Often you will have been experiencing the negative effects of trauma for a very long time. Trauma therapy can help.

It is important to work in different areas to make long term progress.

  • Learning to stablise your emotions is central to working with your trauma
  • Learning to work through traumatic memories
  • Putting your new learnings into practice in your everyday life

Working in therapy may include using different techniques that build skills in coming to terms with difficult emotions such as Mindfulness, grounding, how you communicate, how you self-sooth and how you come to terms with the things that you have experienced.

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At Mind-Full-Works we are committed to recognising the role of trauma in people’s lives and provide a trauma informed service:

  1. Trauma aware: We recognise and understand trauma, its effects and how survivors adapt to dealing with trauma.
  2. Trauma sensitive: In all respects our service will be sensitive to the presence of trauma and the needs of people who have experienced trauma
  3. Trauma responsive: We recognise that trauma has ongoing effects and work to build resilience within people to manage those effects
  4. Trauma-informed: We recognise the potential role of trauma in everything we do with you