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How will relationship therapy work for me?

Often, you and your partner will come to relationship therapy from different perspectives. You might not really want to attend while your partner might be super keen. You may feel blame will be unfairly put on you or that the therapist is biased towards one partner. It is natural to have lots of concerns when you step into the therapy space and start to talk about personal issues.
Relationship therapy is not about apportioning blame – it is about communication between two people. It is our job to work together and work out what the relationship needs to feel better, to be better and to put an end to the constant, repeating issues that don’t ever seem to get solved.
The therapist’s role is to act as a mirror to your relationship with each other. In a sense, the relationship is the client during sessions. We will help you see what’s going on, not only on the surface but how your past maybe connected to what is going on right now.
This process can be anxiety provoking. At times it will feel hard, at times it will feel as if the focus is solely on you. But the discomfort of therapy will pass quickly as you start to see the benefits of understanding yourself and your partner and how you affect the relationship through your fears and behaviours.
We have to be clear that there are times that the things we fear do happen and relationships don’t always work out. In most cases all issues can be worked through, however it does take work. If we all stay in the room working hard on the relationship, then what comes out of the therapy room is going to make you both feel better together.
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